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Potosi, Bolivia
Stories, myths and legends have been created over the years in Potosi. Vale un potosi means worth a fortune. The city itself is filled with elegant colonial homes and majestic hills surround the city. The city is about 4,000 metres high and holds over 100,000 people. The people here have a feeling for luxury.

This may have come from the area’s gold rush history, about the time when the city was founded in 1546 and colonials dug through the mountains seeking riches. Unfortunately, a tragic result was the death of about 8 million Native Americans in the gold rush. Today there is little mining and silver deliriums making the rounds. But the city continues to offer her other riches. Follow the cobblestone streets and explore the town’s murals, frescoes and religious monuments. The city is filled with wooden balconies that attach themselves to white washed buildings. There are plazas that make for pleasant spots to rest ones feet under the shade of palm trees as you people watch and savour a good coffee.

There are a number of museums; some are the National Museum of Regional Masks, Casa Real (Royal Mint), Casa de la Cultura and Museo Othoniano. For a more religious experience try the Jardin Hidalgo and Cathedral of San Luis Potosi. For a historical site check out Palacio de Gobierno which used to be the resting spot of Benito Juarez, who was the president. There are plenty of beautiful spots to stop and enjoy the beauty in parks and plazas such as Plaza de San Francisco which is surrounded by various historic landmarks. And if you want to do a little shopping I would recommend checking out the Miner's Market which sells everything from drinks to dynamite! If you’re looking to get out of the city for a day or two, try heading to Sucre, a small little town nearby.

Typical dishes include the ají de pataskha (corn, pepper, and pork meat), chambergos (flour rolls with sugar), and cazuela (soup made with peanuts and potatoes, meat, fish, rice or noodles). Some places would include Confiteria Capricornia or Kivos. You can find European and local dishes but finding good international food might be more of a challenge.

The night life mostly consists of people enjoying a good meal while listening to music that floats through the streets. There are plenty of bars and little spots to hear live music but dancing is more difficult to find. There are a few such as T.K. and carranza 423. However, there is also the cinema and walking along the streets enjoying the stars that twinkle like the glimmer like silver bits.

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